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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Chevy Beat and Opel Corsa Showing Some 'Tude

Altitude that is. In the the above edition of Fast Lane Daily, at around the 4:00 mark, they show us the CTS Coupe with super minimal camo and what appear to me to be a Chevy Beat mule and Opel Corsa five door. I've lined up a shot of the Corsa five door and the spy shot for comparison's sake. The current Corsa, developed in partnership with Fiat, wasn't engineered for U.S. standards so that means that it is probably along for the ride (we should get the next Corsa though). The Beat also is supposedly not going to meet U.S. standards, so our Aveo replacement will have to wait until GM can "git 'er done" and push out a car that will either take after the Groove or Trax concepts. Given that the Trax has a part in the next Transformers movie, you gotta wonder if it has the inside track (ouch, that hurt).

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