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Monday, August 11, 2008

Ford Taurus Getting a New Coat, Won't Be Wearing "Sable"

It's not official, but the Detroit News is reporting that the Mercury Sable and Taurus X are done for next year. Ford doesn't have a mountain of cash, so it has wisely decided that it would be better to spend all the marbles on its Taurus re-skin rather than dilute its resources on the Taurus' slow selling siblings. The Taurus X has been "edged" out by the Flex and the Sable has always been an also-ran for years. No word on the rumor that the Sable and the Taurus X will retiring to Kokomo with the Montego.

photo of sable: wikipedia


Anonymous said...

Don't touch my Mom's car. Growing up in the 70's and 80's my parents both had cars. My dad had the econo car that he drove back and forth to work. While mom had the family car to shuffle us kids from place to place. In the 80's Mom's cars became the kids cars over years. My sister got the old Mercury Marquis and I got the old Mercury Topaz.

Those were the last two Mercury's they would ever buy. Now they are retired and live in Florida. The last three cars they've had are in this order: Nissan Maxima, Toyota Highland and currently Toyota Sienna (is that what it is called) minivan.

It's a shame that they like many Americans switched over to Toyota and other brands. Mercury will always have a place in my heart. I am a 30 something male and I didn't buy it but I did like the Mercury version of the Fushion. Sad that I can't remember what it is even called. I ended up buying a German more expensive make. But if I had to have cut back which was in my mind while shopping last time Mercury and Saturn were on top of my list.

What I'm trying to say is that I'm glad that Mercury is a changing. But killing cars off the lot before the new smaller cars are here doesn't sound like a smart plan.

The new Taurus in leaked photos looks damn good. Just do the same for the Sable at least one more go around. Then you can kill it. And then you can bring the Cougar back! Oh and the Marquis. Some day my kids are going to need a hand me down car.

rwcmick said...

great memories of the folks' cars. i have fond recollections of my uncle's buick park avenue. i was a bit sad to see it ripped out the of u.s. lineup and i secretly hoped the zeta-based chinese park avenue would make it here

but the chances of that happening now are slim to none.

we'll see if mercury will be able to transform itself with a new model mix. i do have my doubts, but i hope it can turn things around.

the problem for these brands on is that while you and I have great memories and affection for the brand, we're not buying them.