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Monday, August 11, 2008

Is Life That Bad? Man uses Aston Martin to Decapitate Himself

This is one of those headlines that I grab off the news wires, stuff into my drafts folder and then ponder whether or not to post. I'll be honest, I'm 50/50 with this particular story--kind of like the characters in Frosted Mini-Wheats commercials. The shredded wheat side of me is not keen to publicize a bloody end to a divorce, especially when the act was committed in such a selfish way that involved a lot of people having to witness a gruesome act. The frosted side of me says "Hey, it's involving a car, it's fair game!"

Gerald Mellin tied a rope around a tree, the other end around his neck and then plunked himself in the driver's seat of his Aston and drove into a busy street. Game over. As the ultimate bit of revenge, he cancelled his life insurance policy so that this ex-wife wouldn't get any big payouts. It's a sad state of affairs when you're life ends up like Gerald's did.

source: Businessman uses Aston Martin to decapitate himself in horrific suicide as revenge against his ex-wife Mail Online

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