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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kit Plane Lands on Freeway, Attempts Takeoff but is Slammed By Car

Landing on Interstate 40, near Needles, CA, probably seemed like the best option for the pilot of a Titan Tornado kit airplane. One would assume that he was making an emergency stop. The landing was successful, but when the pilot attempted to take off again, he was hit by a car and ejected from his plane. Sad to say, but it was game over for the pilot.

The Titan Tornado is a small, kit airplane that can be assembled in an estimated time of 150 - 300 hours. The plane qualifies for the FAA's Light Sport Aircraft designation which can be flown with a Sport Pilot certificate (relatively easily obtained).

source: Aero-News Network: The Aviation and Aerospace World's Daily/Real-Time News and Information Service

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