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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Magazine Takes An Early Spin In The Opel Insignia

Auto Express and its German sister title Auto Bild got behind the wheel of a pre-production Opel Insignia. Based on the Epsilon II platform, the Insignia is the first ship in a flotilla of GM products. Our first exposure to this platform will be the Buick LaCrosse replacement next year. Car and Driver has some leaked pre-production shots and you can check them out here. After the Buick launch, the next Epsilon II product for our market will probably be the Saab 9-5 replacement. Who knows, you might even see the 9-5 assembled here in the States (just speculation on my part). The Saturn Aura has been delayed, but that would be one of the next Epsilon products after the Saab.

The new Insignia sports an adjustable suspension offering called FlexRide and I'm very keen to find out more about this system. Besides being dynamically superior, the new platform will finally allow navigation systems and hopefully rear seat center armrests, both features I missed in my Chevrolet Malibu review.

The magazine doesn't really "test" the car and offers little in the way of impressions, but for now that's all we've got. I've included a few shots from Auto Express' gallery. You can check out the full photo spread and mini-review by clicking the link below.

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photo source: auto express/auto bild

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