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Friday, August 15, 2008

Lincoln Crossover Details Due Imminently

Pebble Beach is bringing us a nice bounty of new car news. We've just seen some snaps from Cadillac and now, according the the WSJ, Lincoln should be giving us more details on its forthcoming Flex-based crossover.

I was really mixed on the MKT concept (pictures above). On the one hand, that grille makes it look like the car is filter feeding for crustaceans. The bustle-back design at the rear is a little bit off putting as well. I happened to be standing around at the Detroit show, moping that this was the last time I'd see Jaguar and Land Rover in the Ford section, when the crew was bringing the MKT down the walkway and up to its perch on the Lincoln stand. For some reason as I watched them slowly inch the car up a ramp, I took a liking to the MKT.

Was it the burbling exhaust? Was it the very krill eating grille that I had previously despised? I don't know. The MKT could be like one of Jerry Seinfeld's girlfriend, the gal who had "two faces," one where she looked beautiful and then not-so-hot when conditions changed. I presume that Ford will be sharing pictures with us, so that Cadillac doesn't completely overshadow things. We should know more shortly.

source: Ford Plans New Luxury Crossover -

photo source: rwcmick

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