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Thursday, August 14, 2008

What's That Cologne? Why It's the New Fiesta

I haven't had any caffeine this morning, so this is the best pun you're going to get from me. Volume production of Ford's spiffy little Fiesta, the first of a generation of new global small Ford cars, started at the company's Cologne plant in Germany today. Up next will be Valencia plant in Spain then Nanjing in China, Rayong in Thailand and CuautitlĂ n in Mexico. In 2008, Ford plans to manufacture 148,000 new Fiestas in Cologne. The German factory also manufactures the European Ford Fusion, no relation to the U.S. Fusion, and when running at full capacity will manufacture more than 1,900 every day. Here in the U.S. we'll just have to wait until Ford's CuautitlĂ n plant comes online around the 2010 timeframe.

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