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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Win a Lincoln MKS (12/4/08)

According to Motor Trend's gossip column, one senior Ford manager was dead set against the Volvo S80/Taurus/Sable based MKS and in the end was told to JFDI "Just (censored) Do It." Yikes. Of course that's all just hearsay, but the MKS is definitely setting off on a path that is far away from what the LS model of yore had promised the Lincoln brand would become. Lincoln now has front wheel drive/AWD cars (except the Navigator and Town Car) with no RWD performance sedans anywhere on the horizon as far as I know of.

Well, that's a long buildup to today's sweepstakes brought to you by TNT TV. You wouldn't turn down a free MKS, would you? Click here to enter.

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