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Thursday, January 08, 2009

What's Swedish For "Not Interested"?

As one might expect, GM has not found any takers for its Swedish division. According to sources cited by Automotive News, GM has quietly shopped around Saab to little effect. I don't think this comes as much of a shock. Saab has never been a profit center, so it might be difficult for any buyer to imagine an upside. On a cheerier note, once dealers have been stocked with the new 9-4x crossover plus a replacement for the aging 9-5, Saab will once again have a formidable lineup.

I've suggested before that one possible scenario might be to combine Volvo and Saab into a "Super Swede" automobile manufacturer. While GM would probably be willing to let Saab go for a song, Ford is trying to exact a high(er) price for its Volvo division which might prevent a Hyundai/Kia-like tie-up.

source: automotive news

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Anonymous said...

Interesting photo of a strange car - I can't see it driving in the mountains.