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Friday, February 06, 2009

2010 Ranger: The "I Refuse To Die" Edition

Update: Ford has now released the 2010 Ranger info on its media site for the rest of us lackeys out there. Other than a couple of 2010 Ranger Sport photos, the actual text doesn't give us any additional info, but you can check it out for yourself by clicking here.

You have to hand it to the plucky Ford Ranger. It's soldiered on for years with only minor tweaks and was scheduled to be phased out due to new safety requirements. A funny thing happened on the way to the forum, however, and when gas prices spiked and sales picked up, Ford decided that maybe it should keep its small truck entry around a bit longer.

My brother-in-law sports around in a Ranger from time to time. The truck is on its last legs, but is sticking around to help bro and his wife collect baby gear, 'cause that's the kind of stand up guy the Ranger is. There is something appealing in the simplicity of this vehicle. A utilitarian model that has beaten the odds and stayed on the scene far longer that most folks would have imagined. I hope that Ford does right by the Ranger and continues its legacy for years to come.

With that in mind, here is the 2010 Ford Ranger with electronic stability control and side impact airbags. The Detroit News has access to some media info that isn't available on my Ford media page, so I'm linking to them. If Ford coughs up more pictures/info later, I'll update this post.

source: Detroit News


The Journeyman said...

Dude - thanks for the shout out!I'm going to send you a pic of my loaded ranger with baby gear! It and my wife's belly are kickin!

Michael Sheena said...

Heck yeah! Send over a shot of the Ranger. I'll post that puppy for sure!