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Friday, February 06, 2009

Lincoln and the Grammy Awards

While other manufacturers have been dropping high-profile advertising left and right, Lincoln is touting its Grammy commercial. In my mind, you can't beat the value of lower cost efforts. The MKS isn't even the main focus of the commercial. Instead of spending a truckload of cash on a moon shot, why not buy more airtime and bang people over the head with your message? I hate the Snuggie, but thanks to an unrelenting ad blitz I'll never forget it.

The above video is obviously not the commercial, but rather some footage of the MKS driving around.

Lincoln and its creative agency, Y&R Team Detroit, created “Project Rising Stars” in collaboration with Gary Calamar – renowned DJ and Grammy-nominated producer and music supervisor. The team selected 10 songs from some of the country’s top emerging music artists and developed a music video-based competition in partnership with Filmaka, an online community for filmmakers and other artists, to create their own original content.

source: Ford

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