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Friday, February 27, 2009

Geek Out on Technical Details? Info on Ford's EcoBoost

I know I do! You can check out the full article on Ford's important new engine technology by clicking the source link.

Ford Vehicle Benchmarking Center showed that many suppliers applied a common practice design approach of ‘one size fits all’ and with little consideration as to how the subsystems could be fine-tuned for optimized function and performance,” said Joseph Basmaji, direct injection fuel system technical specialist.

For example, hydraulic pulsations – or hammering – is a common issue in all direct-injection fuel systems and can cause a range of issues, from poor fuel distribution to component durability. Knowing how to address these pulsations in each of the subsystems is critical to being able to effectively reduce the pulsations of the entire system to an acceptable level and achieve optimized performance.

The Ford and Bosch teams worked for months to develop hydraulic models and prototypes to provide the data leading to optimized orifice sizing, placement and spacing in order to tune in the hydraulic frequencies in each of the subsystems. “As a result, hydraulic pulsations to the entire system could be reduced, providing better fuel distribution for improved component durability, function, performance and reduced emissions,” Basmaji said.

source: ford

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