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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee: "Hey, I'm Still Relevant"

I'll say this: I have always loved the Jeep Grand Cherokee. One autumn I rented a GC and headed up to Vermont for some biking around Lake Champlain, camping and a spontaneous road trip to Montreal. I remember waking up one morning, popping my head of the tent and seeing a nice coating of snow on the ground. No problem for the GC, it was strong and confident as I slopped my way down the muddy trail. I'm getting misty eyed even thinking about it...Sigh.

Sorry about that, sometimes I just get carried away by automotive memories. Anyhoo, here's the 2011 model (top photos, obviously) and she has cleaned up quite nicely. I was never taken with the current generation, so this new take on the GC is a good one: it's clean, it's functional and it's unmistakably GC.

Improved in almost every way, the 2011 model will sport richer materials and a more refined powertrains. The pity here is that this is a 2011 model, so we are a ways from seeing this on the road. Put me in for a diesel (at launch diesel will only be available for international markets), I'll figure out how to pay for it by the time they release this one in California.

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