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Sunday, May 31, 2009

General Motors asks the public: 'How would you sell a small car to Americans?'

2011 Chevrolet Spark shown. Not necessarily the car that GM will build in the U.S.

General Motors recently announced that it is planning to build an unspecified small car here in the United States at one of the idled UAW-GM facilities

On GM's Fastlane Blog, Gary Cowger, Group Vice President, Global Manufacturing and Labor Relations, asked readers several questions regarding the company's future small car offerings.

  • What do you think of small car production here in the US, and how would you generate market demand here?
  • Which facets of a small car would you emphasize if you were going to roll out this kind of car?

Basically, GM is asking "How the heck can we sell these things to Americans in considerable numbers?" Without the impetuous of high fuel prices, that is a very good question to ask.

For more info: Check out GM's Fastlane Blog and give them your opinion!

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