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Sunday, May 31, 2009

The new Ford Fiesta is a Menace to society (Part I)

White Menace in front of his Fiesta

Okay, the Fiesta isn’t a menace in and of itself. Rather it is being driven by a Menace, as in White Menace of Live 105 (a San Francisco modern rock station). Menace, aka Jason McMurry, is one of a hundred agents who are spending six months behind the wheel of their own Ford Fiesta, ”lifestreaming” their experiences, and completing monthly missions to show you what the Fiesta is all about. Recently, I had a chance to sit down with Jason and chat about his movements…his Fiesta Movements.

Jason grew up in a Ford family, his mom drove a Ford Probe and his dad piloted an F-150. Like many of his peers, Jason took that family history of domestic car ownership, set it aside and made his first car a Honda Civic. As those in Ford marketing would say, that kind of behavior is “not optimal.”

How does Ford attract young, hip people such Jason? Well, first Ford has to have the proper hardware to sell to buyers who expect a certain level of style and features in their ride. The sleek looking 2011 Fiesta seems to have those qualities in spades. With that box ticked, Ford has to set out and educate the masses about how hard it has worked to improve its products. Cue an ’80s style movie montage! With no montage readily available, Ford did the next best thing and setup a social marketing program. Ford set out to find 100 social media stars and gave them each a European Ford Fiesta to play with. Applicants for the Fiesta Movement submitted a video telling the Ford team why they’d be a great choice. Ford chose the crème de la crème and after a brief two day orientation sent these so-called “agents” on their merry way with their new Fiestas.

How did Jason find out about the Movement? Now that Jason has now been behind the wheel of his Fiesta for about a month and half, how does he like his car? Hits? Misses? What has been the public’s reaction? Why did Jason almost lose his head to a Yo-Yo? Was another agent’s Fiesta stolen in NYC? All these questions (and more) will be answered in Part II of this series. Stay tuned!

For more info: Check out the Fiesta Movement. Read up on White Menace.

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