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Monday, May 11, 2009

In Chrysler Bankruptcy, Lutz Takes a Place In Line With Everyone Else

Rock star auto exec Bob Lutz left Chrysler years ago, but undoubtedly he received a nifty package when he left. Now with Chrysler bankrupt and its checks asking "How high?" before they bounce, Lutz has retained the services of an attorney to claw back some of what he is rightly owed.

I once asked Mr. Lutz, far before the bankruptcy but after he had left Chrysler and the company had begun to fade, if he was going to write a followup to his book "Guts: The Seven Laws of Business That Made Chrysler the World's Hottest Car Company" that would be titled "Disemboweled: How Daimler Stripped the Worlds Hottest Car Company." At the time I asked the question, I only received a few snickers and not much of a answer. I wonder how he'd reply after the court's ruling on his pension?

source: the detroit bureau

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