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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our electric car future? First MINI E delivered to customer

Think he is headed for electric avenue?

Pacific Palisades resident Peter Trepp has become the first customer to receive a leased all-electric MINI Cooper. The monthly payment on the MINI is a rather steep $850 but that is probably a minimal concern for the venture capitalist specializing in green industries. Just think of all the PR is getting!

According to BMW, the MINI E can travel up to 156 miles before a recharge is necessary. Peter won't be taxing that limit as his office is only 15 miles round trip away.

More manufacturers are creating small test fleets of electric and hydrogen vehicles, attempting to capitalize on a groundswell of eager customers willing to endure the limitations that these vehicles present. Honda has a limited fleet of FCX Clarity fuel cell vehicles and GM has its Project Driveway which is a fleet of fuel cell equipped Chevrolet Equinoxes. These beta customers become ambassadors for the brands, spreading the good word without looking like a corporate shill.

For more info: You can follow Peter's exploits on his blog Peter's MINI E

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