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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Volkswagen April 2009 Sales

Not sure where my monthly sales e-mail from VW went, but here are the results. A shocking number of Routans sold in April. Also interesting, more New Beetles sold than all Golf variants combined. Pretty impressive for such an old, essentially unchanged model. Of course, the Jetta continues to rack up the best sales numbers. I have always had a healthy respect for the sedan. Hopefully VW won't get carried away and rename the Jetta the Bora, which is the international name for the sedan, when the next generation bows. All in all VW is hanging in there and in these times, that's all that one can really ask.


Mirko said...

The Mk4 Jetta was called the Bora in Europe. The current Mk5 one is called "Jetta". I live in Germany, and I see a Jetta maybe once a month - it's a vehicle only bought by people who are way too old to drive.

Michael Sheena said...

Yup. Almost everywhere else, save for maybe China, sedans are for the older folks and hatches are for the younger generation.

There are a lot of theories as to why the U.S. seems to disdain hatchbacks, but I’ve never heard a convincing argument. In smaller cars, hatches just make so much more sense. It’s great fun to watch people trying to load up their Jettas and Civics at Ikea with boxes that cannot be jammed into either the trunk or backseat without great difficulty.

There are signs that people are changing their attitudes. The MINI is selling like gangbusters and Ford will be sending hatches versions of the Fiesta and next generation Focus our way.

In the end, I think most Americans will accept hatches only if they are jacked up on stilts and called crossovers. Somehow this makes it more palatable. Go figure.