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Sunday, May 17, 2009

You want how much? Ferrari may go for over $16 million

Holy value meal, Batman! A 1957 250 Testa Rossa may fetch over 12 million euros ($16.4 million) at auction this Sunday, May 17 according to the firm RM Auctions.

“The great thing about Ferraris is that they appeal to novice collectors as well as specialists,” Simon Kidston, a Geneva-based classic-car adviser, said in a telephone interview. “They’re not difficult cars to understand.” Apparently they also appeal to suckers, because in this author's humble opinion, no car is worth $16.4 million, except perhaps my Sienna minivan if you happen to be interested in buying it.

Due to the special nature of this car, RM Auctions has prepared a video clip (embedded below) and uploaded it to YouTube. Unfortunately, the soundtrack to the video is so annoying, it makes me want to pay less for the car. Perhaps I will now only offer the aforementioned minivan, a thousand bucks in cash and an old outboard motor from my sailboating days.

Some folks might recall that the May 17 auction, to be held in Italy, will also see the sale of the last production Ferrari F430. I have covered that vehicle in a separate post, "But honey, it was for charity" which you can read by clicking here.

For all I know, this car might be a great investment. I'm not a classic car collector and my knowledge of the scene is limited to what I have learned from watching Barrett-Jackson on Speed TV. It would still seem to me that you would be better served by purchasing 16, $1 million dollar cars than sinking all that money into one roll of the dice.

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