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Sunday, July 19, 2009

2011 Ford Fiesta and 2011 Ford Focus on schedule for North American launch in 2010

This European Ford Fiesta

In 2010 Ford Motor Company is not planning in dipping its toes into the small car waters, it is planning to cannonball right in!

In 2011 Ford Fiesta will the first to hit the water and as you may have previously read, it is a very competitive car that should give the Honda Fit actual fits.

Later in the second half of 2010 Ford will pump out a new Focus that will once again sync the United States' edition with the European model. Currently if you were to hop in a 2009 Ford Focus here in the States and then jump in a 2009 European Ford Focus, you would think that some sort of cruel joke had been played up us Americans

"Right now, both of those programs remain on target," Derrick Kuzak, Group Vice President, Global Product Development for Ford, said in an interview with Automotive News. "And on the Fiesta side, launching in the U.S., we will be building on some very good momentum because the vehicle has already launched in other regions of the world."

America will be getting four door sedans and five door hatchback configurations for both the Focus and Fiesta. In a previous interview with Fiesta’s brand manager, Sam De La Garza, it was mentioned that Ford doesn't believe there would be enough market demand for a three door hatch model in the States.

For more info: This story was based in part on previous interviews conducted by this author and information from Automotive News.
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