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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More promiscuous than Paris Hilton? 2010 Acura RDX 'unofficial' shots

Not official but this picture matches other photos that we have seen of the 2010 RDX

For not being officially revealed, the 2010 RDX and MDX sure have gotten around. Acura grafts the shield onto the front of the 2010 RDX. While I'm not a fan of the awkward plastic tooth, it looks less out of place on the RDX than Acura's other models. Designers are very taken with the idea that all models within a brand share a similar face, but I'm not so convinced. For example, I'm very disappointed with Lincoln's new family schnoz.

SatoAuto (I've never heard of the blog before) offers up more details than we had before. If the blog is to be believed, Acura will serve up a FWD version of the RDX to offer both a lower entry price and better fuel mileage. The RDX isn't very savvy with fuel, currently rated at 17/22 city/highway for the SH-AWD version.

For those wanting a 6 speed automatic, the news isn't good. Insiders report that only the ZDX and MDX will see the new tranny, while the RDX will make do with the current 5 speed unit.

There are a few other tweaks here and there, but I'll let Colin Sato fill you in on those, just hit the source link below!

For more info: Source satoauto
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