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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

2010 Mercedes E-Class Wagon: Quite delicious and good for you as well!

2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class wagon

Americans tend to treat wagons like Grape Nuts cereal: Yes its might be good for you, but Frosted Flakes (in the shape of SUVs and crossovers) taste a lot better.

That really is a shame because there is nothing like a great handling, load lugging wagon to tour around the country with.

Click to view the gallery of more photos of the 2010 Mercedes E-Class wagon, its sister vehicles and the previous generation wagon.

Enter the 2010 E-Class wagon: One of the grand dames of the wagon segment is getting a fresh new look. To this author's admittedly biased eyes, the E-Class wagon is a real looker. In the gallery below, you'll also see that she can haul quite a bit as well. All the better to cast aside your passé M-Class SUV and slip into something more practical, fuel efficient and frankly better for the world at large.

These pictures are an early look at what we can expect to see at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show in September. German car magazine AutoBild apparently decided to break ranks and publish these photos and everyone else followed suit.

Currently the E-Class wagon is missing from the Mercedes-Benz USA website. Presumably this is because the new E-Class sedan is already on the market while the wagon is getting a later introduction. Several years ago, Mercedes banished the C-Class wagon from the states after experiencing slow sales and the expectation that the GLK would cannibalize whatever demand was left. That was a most unfortunate turn of events, but its doubtful that Mercedes would make the same decision with the E-Class wagon.

What would be even more healthful for all of us would be a diesel version offered here in the States. AsVolkswagen has shown, diesel buyers like the practicality of wagons and reward manufacturers who offer them.

Don't forget to read the Grape Nuts article linked above to find out what Grape Nuts are really made of. Here's a hint: They aren't grape related!

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