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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Dealer to customer: Take your clunker back!

Kim Kieschnick speaks with Austin TV station KVUE

You’ve just swapped out your old clunker and have been driving around in your sweet, new Ford when suddenly your dealer calls, “Hey, I want my car back.” That’s a call that no one wants to hear. However, that is exactly what happened to Kim Kieschnick when her Ford dealer became worried that it wouldn’t be reimbursed by the government. Covert Ford declined to comment for the story, but told Kieschnick that the dealership is scared that it won’t receive approval for the program.

Check out the clunker slideshow in t his link!

Kieschnick is sympathetic to the dealer’s plight and blames the bureaucracy of the federal government. While that may be tempted to blame the Feds, many dealers' paperwork has sailed through the system, so one has to wonder what the dealership has or has not done with its CARS paperwork.
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