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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Acura teases possibility of TSX wagon like Lucy taunts Charlie Brown with a football

Honda Accord Tourer (source: honda uk)

Remember when we first saw pictures of the forthcoming Honda Crosstour? The mules were using European Honda Accord Tourer bodywork that had been extended. It made perfect sense, a smart boxy wagon extended for American duty! Then we saw revealing shots of the Crosstour and it has the same sloping shape as the Acura ZDX. The rejoicing stopped.

Get into the Accord Tourer in this slideshow.

Well, now Car & Driver has us all giddy like little schoolgirls with news that the Euro wagon may yet make it to our market as an Acura TSX wagon. This (again) makes perfect sense, the TSX is basically the Euro Accord, so why not take a chance on what could be a burgeoning market? Well, it could be déjà vu all over again. Firstly, we are basing this all off a Car & Driver blog post that quotes Acura’s senior manager of product planning, John Watts “We’re closely, closely looking at it.”

Well, I have “closely, closely looked” at a lot of things in my life and I’m here to tell you this: Nothin’ happened except the occasional poke in the eye. Does “closely looking at it” mean that certification groundwork is already being done or Mr. Watt’s is just thinking a lot about a TSX wagon while he sits on the can? I don’t know, do you?

Any potential wagon for our market is great news and the Tourer is one sharp looking car (as evidenced by this amazing pictorial), so I think it would be a great fit. If it arrives, hopefully they will offer both manual and automatics. Nobody needs an anemic four banger wagon with an automatic or an overpriced V6 monster. The manual, 4 cylinder model is just right! Trust me, if this all comes together I'll be smiling like Dr. Teeth!

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