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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This commercial doesn't blend in with the others: Ford Fiesta in a Blendtec blender

Piece of boron steel about to go into a Blendtec

Let’s take a walk through this morning’s inbox, shall we? Something from Audi about Chicago enthusiasts, GM press advisories for tomorrow’s 230 event, weekend racing racaps, a Ford Fiesta in a blender, Twitter follower updates, something from the White House. Wait…A Fiesta in a blender? I’ve gotta see this one!

View the slideshow below for photos of the Fiesta and Miss Scotland.

I’ve been very complimentary of the Fiesta Movement marketing campaign and this new Blendtec tie-in is another reason why. I have already covered what happened when a tire attempts to become a passenger in a Fiesta, but now we know why: The Fiesta's boron steel refuses to become one with a blender!

Fiesta agent Ryan Dembroski, who looks for all the world like Dwight Schrute from The Office in the video, helms this production (along with the Blendtec guy of course). He's not a kooky, sexy Fiesta Agent like Brittani Taylor, but the video is very entertaining and like many a good pitchman, doesn't really make you feel like you are watching a commercial.

For more info: Check out my interview with the Fiesta's brand manger.
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