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Monday, September 07, 2009

2010 Toyota 4Runner images appear, but is that a good thing?

2010 Toyota 4Runner official image (courtesy: toyota)

Car & Driver recently ran some pictures of the 2010 4Runner prior to its debut in September. The images appear to have been taken via a camera phone or similar pocket device. You can click this link to view the images of the 2010 Toyota 4Runner if you care to, but what I am asking is if these sneak peeks are a good thing?

Click to view a slideshow of the current 4Runner and its blood relatives.

Toyota already provided us with an official teaser image on August, 27 of the 2010 4Runner and to be honest I was rather looking forward to the reveal in September. For me the camera phone images are like a bad cookie you might eat before a meal. Chewing halfway through the thing, you ask yourself “Why did I do that? This cookie tastes horrible” but it is too late. The blurry images that surfaced of the 2010 4Runner don’t do justice to the professional pictures that we will be getting in less than a month.

Certainly some manufacturers do leak images purposefully to gain insight into the market. However, in Toyota’s case, this clearly appears to be someone acting on their own.

Spy photos taken on public property are fair game. It is a cat and mouse game that plays out every day in areas like Death Valley where manufacturers test their wares. For an interesting view into the car spy world, check out this ABC News report on ace Brenda Priddy.

Being invited to an event by the manufacturer and being told that no cameras are allowed is something completely different. If you are lucky enough to be in the presence of a vehicle that is not yet ready for public consumption, savor the moment and honor the no-photography rule. Don't spoil our appetite with lousy cookies.

Check out the slideshow below for 4Runners captured in the real world and showing off their rugged side.

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used toyota 4runner parts said...

in reality, we cant blame other people if the images appeared have been taken via cameras without permissions.. but we must give respect that if the manufacturers have given no-photography rule we should be able to follow them..