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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Arizona speeder resorts to monkey business to fool speed cameras

Dave VonTesmar behind the wheel

Dave VonTesmar does not think much of speed cameras, in fact you can see it all over his face. VonTesmar wears a monkey or a giraffe mask to avoid having to pay photo radar tickets. Police say that VonTesmar has accumulated 90 unpaid tickets with a year. As Borat would say, "Nice."

How do police know absolutely, positively that VonTesmar is behind this? Lt. Steve Harrison told,

During our surveillance our officers observed him putting on and taking off a mask as he went through each of the four photo enforcement zones.

Pretty damning evidence I'd say. The Arizona Department of Public Safety estimates that there are about 100 to 600 "frequent fliers" with 15 or more photo camera citations. What makes this even funnier is that VonTesmar is a flight attendant, so the "frequent flier" tag really fits! There is nothing funny about rampant speeding, however, as it shows a complete disregard for the safety of both yourself and others.

For more info: Read the full MyFOXPhoenix article.
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