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Friday, August 28, 2009

Come to Papa: Founder gets Camaro, not everyone gets pizza

Now and then: Papa and his Camaro (source: Papa's Pizza)

John Schnatter, founder of Paper John’s Pizza, hit upon a great idea. Why not marry American’s love of pizza with their love of automobiles? The result was Papa’s Roadtrip, a publicity stunt that followed Schnatter and his search for the 1972 Z28 Camaro he sold in order to start building his pizza empire.

Join me in the gallery in this link as we take a look at some of Papa's John's pizzas that you won't be getting for free. Just remember to hold the olives!

The car was found, stories were written and free pizza’s were promised to all Camaro owners.
Well, not so fast there Mr. Slickdeals. According to, not everyone who showed up with their Camaro got a free pie. As with any promotion, the franchisee has to buy into the idea and there were apparently a number of stores that didn’t seem to feel that giving away free pizza was in their best interest.

This is by no means a KFC scale debacle and many a free slice was munched. However, I know the cold shoulder of rejection well as my local DQ does not honor my Blizzard Fan Club coupons.

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