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Friday, August 28, 2009

You don't even need a quarter! Toyota teases fifth-generation 4Runner

Sneak peak at the next 4Runner (source: Toyota)

I remember when the 4Runner was the "hot ticket" amongst the outdoorsy set. As a frequent camper/hiker in my youth, I'd see tons of Toyota 4Runners parked at trail heads.

Click to view a slideshow of the current 4Runner and its blood relatives.

Please note that Examiner is having some image hosting issues. The picture you see in the slideshow below may or may not be a Mahindra, but the show itself is all Toyota/Lexus.

Since the release of the current model, things have been much more subdued for the very capable off roader.

The environment for rugged SUVs has changed dramatically over the past few years with many models being dropped by their manufacturers. For example, Toyota's own 4Runner based FJ Cruiser is widely regarded to be a one-off model with no sequel planned.

Now comes word from Toyota that a fifth-generation model is almost upon us, to debut at the Texas Sate Fair!

Toyota released this brief note on its press site:

The all-new 2010 Toyota 4Runner is headed for Dallas to make its world debut at the State Fair of Texas during a news conference on Sept. 24. More rugged than ever, the new fifth-generation 4Runner offers sure-footed off-road capability and increased comfort with added roominess. More than 1.8 million 4Runners have been sold since it was introduced in 1984, and more than 70 percent are still on the road. The State Fair of Texas runs Sept. 25 to Oct. 18.

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