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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Gratuitous curves? Ferrari unleashes more images of the 458 Italia

458 Italia in its proper environment (source: Ferrari)

As previously discussed, some designers feel that Ferrari as a company has fallen into a groove of producing cars designed to push client "hot buttons" and not so much advance the art of design.

Click this link to check out the slideshow of the Ferrari 458 Italia.

The counter argument can be made that Ferrari is merely producing designs that sell, something that is an important consideration for any company that wishes to stay in business.

When Ford released the third generation Taurus, many buyers felt that it was "overly ovoid " and Ford eventually tried to remove a lot of those oval cues in the fourth generation however, the damage was done and sales suffered. A risky design gone wrong had severely damaged a nameplate.

Many auto fans view the "Bangle Butt" originally sported on the E65 BMW 7 Series to be another example of risky design gone wrong, but in all truthfulness many other manufacturers ending up emulating it and the E65 became the best selling 7 Series of all time, hardly a bungle for its designer Chris Bangle.

Whether or not the 458 Italia advances the Ferrari design enough is a subject that can be debated over many a beer, but few can argue that it is a beautiful car. Ferrari is keeping is fans salivating with more images of its 458 Italia shown here. In addition there is a new video, with Paolo Pininfarina, Pininfarina S.p.A President, embedded below.

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