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Monday, January 04, 2010

Toyota 4Runner commercials ask 'Are you in?'

2010 Toyota 4Runner Trail (source: toyota)
The latest 2010 Toyota 4Runner commercials focus on the rugged, outdoorsy qualities of the SUV.  That makes sense because many reviews of the 2010 Toyota 4Runner peg the vehicle as being an extremely capable off roader.

However, I am always skeptical of vehicle advertising that does not focus on the hardware and features of the car or truck they are trying to sell to me.  Frankly, I get more out of photos such as those in the slideshow below this article than watching people having outdoorsy fun while I sit in front of a computer and write this post.

You can judge for yourself in the embedded videos below.  Do these clips make you want the Toyota 4Runner any more than you already do?

2010 Toyota 4Runner: Man vs. Rock Wall

2010 Toyota 4Runner: Man vs. Beast

2010 Toyota 4Runner: Man vs. Shark

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toyota 4runner reviews said...

It is commercial vehicle which has multi faced features like it spacious,it is useful in all weather,main purpose is for adventurous people who love thrill & tracking new things in life is boom to them. It long run SUV like an Arabic horse wins the derby .

Truck Trader said...

Exterior styling is another major change for the 2010 Toyota 4Runner, with a new wider, more rugged fender and bumper design accenting new headlights and taillights that improve nighttime visibility. Seventeen-inch aluminum alloy wheels are standard on SR5 and Trail models, with 20-inch wheels standard on the Limited, with all models getting a full-size spare.

Commercial Trucks said...

We are definitely “in”!! I think this is quite motivational and inspiring commercial and will leave quite good impact on the minds of youths. The chances of converting the prospective buyers into the real ones are increased with this commercial.