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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

SCM Follows Up On Portuguese Barn Find

The dusty classic car just sitting in a old barn waiting for you to discover it. Recently a man in Portugal had just such an experience: 180 times over! Apparently the man had purchased an estate from a former car dealer who had saved some of the cars that had come through his dealership. Some of the cars included in the collection are: 1950s Alfa Giulietta, 1960s Sprint Speciale, 1950s Nash Metropolitan, 1931 Chrysler CD roadster, 1939 Plymouth, and 1960s Mercedes-Benz 200, 280.

Now that's pretty amazing stuff. The location of the cars is still a secret and the owner isn't offering any of them up for sale. You can read the short Sports Car Market story here and view a PDF of some of the pictures here.

photo source: Manuel Menezes Morais

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