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Monday, August 04, 2008

$1795 Will Let You Ride Steve McQueen (On French Made Motorized Bike)

A few weeks ago I posted a WSJ review of a hybrid bike from OHM Cycles. While the gee-whiz technology behind that bike may intrigue some, other folks might have a hankering for things routed in our past. How about a .8 horsepower, 2-stroke engine VeloSolex motorized bike? No torque sensing hub motors here, this baby sports a little engine mounted on the front of the bike. Unlike "The Little Engine That Could," you'll be the one saying "I think I can, I think I can" when it comes to steep hills, because the motorized assist quickly runs out of steam. Its' also a pretty heavy bike, checking in at 68 pounds. Some folks also might take offense to an old-school two-stroke motor, but you can get a catalytic exhaust for it. You'll have to decide if this little bit of Parisian-chic is your cup of tea, but for some folks conveyance doesn't get any hipper.

source: wsj

photo source: pardon me for asking

company website: velosolex

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