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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

2009 Acura TL Photos and Review At

My buddy Dave T. over at has assembled a pretty decent slide show of 2009 TL photos. I've sampled one of his shots above and if you'd like to see the whole gallery, click here. Dave is agreeable to the styling and he's seen and driven the car, whereas I've only viewed pictures online. I still think the car looks really awkward, like an gangly teenager trying to find his style in high school. Will this car turn into a swan when I finally see it in person? I just don't see how that's possible, but if i change my mind I'll let you know.

Dave has also posted his review of the TL and ends with a recommendation for the base model, not the SH-AWD version which he thought had too rough of a ride. Dave also makes the claim that he'd take a TL SH-AWD over a CTS AWD model because the TL handled much better than the CTS. All I know is that I'd much rather wake up next to the CTS than the buck-toothed, strangeness that is the TL any day of the week. I also think the CTS has a much nicer interior, it is warm and inviting. However, I will tell you that my friend recently bought a 2008 CTS and was stranded a few days later by a failed fuel pump. Every car is going to have some flaws, no doubt, but things like that do make me a bit nervous.

We'll see how the market accepts this new TL. It's predecessor was a pretty impressive ride and I think this new car, while improved in many ways, stumbles out of the gate with its styling. Hopefully the TL's television commercials won't be as pretentious as its little brother's have been.

photo source: david thomas/

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