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Monday, August 25, 2008

Ouch, That smarts!

Another smart smash 'em up for you to check out. From what I've read, the impact was at a fairly low speed and no one was injured. Here's the description of the accident from Smart Car of America forum member "Subfleet"

"Police witness said about 20 mph. The other car was a learner changed lanes then stopped quick. I wasn't going fast and had time to apply brakes so 20 - 25 at most I would have thought. No real visible damage to the other car, another small car which was pushed forwards 15 feet."

The car has been totalled by the insurance company because of unknown parts availability and pricing. The owner is now debating whether or not to purchase back the car from the insurance company for $6,300. You can join the discussion thread by clicking here.

photo source: picassa user subfleet/alan

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