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Friday, May 15, 2009

Hoax! There is no $15,500 Ford Fusion Hybrid

My e-mail box overflows with press releases. It seems that pretty much every hour of the working day, someone, somewhere wants to announce something. Some items are big, such as the Chrysler dealer announcement yesterday, and then there are some releases like this one from Ford.

Ford wants you to know that the is no truth to a recent e-mail that it is offering the $27,700 Fusion Hybrid for $15,500. The presser goes on to say, "But as long as we’re talking about the Ford Fusion Hybrid, we’ll take this opportunity to pass along some things that are true." Nice.

While I am dubious about the actual public service this press release provides, I am covering it in the off chance that someone has received this e-mail and believes it to be true. Providing this service doesn't make me Batman, but I try to help Gotham whenever I can.

For more info: Check out Ford vehicles online.

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