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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Is Penske's Interest in Saturn a 'smart' Move

Roger Penske took the challenge of marketing the smart fortwo here in the USA and to date has made a go of it. I'm a little wary of the long term viability of smart here in the States, but say what you will, Penske has marketed the brand well.

Now comes word that Penske might be interested in Saturn. One can only theorize as to what he'd hope to do with the "A different kind of car company." One idea that has been floated by analysts is that Saturn could become a Costco of cars, not actually manufacturing products, but putting its name on vehicles made by others.

I'm happy to hear that Saturn is generating interest. Hopefully something can be made of the brand and all will not be lost.

Penske may make play for Saturn | | The Detroit News

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